About Me

My passion

My personal passion is creative writing. I love to write stories. To keep things interesting I work on a variety of projects. Through fictional short stories, novel series, creative nonfiction, and screenwriting I keep myself and others entertained. It's what I get up for in the morning.   

My writing roots

I graduated from The University of Tampa with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Writing.  I've won awards in both fiction and creative nonfiction. I've written for honors society newsletters, school newspapers and private foundation grants.

I started, like most writers, with journaling. Then, I made it a personal hobby when I was enlisted in the Army and, eventually, as a Human Resources Specialist for the Veterans Health Administration. 

I would say that I had an early mid-life crisis just in time to start a new career. And here I am. 

Professional writing services

I am a freelance writer for individuals and businesses. I also provide reviews of businesses, events, and products in the St. Petersburg, Florida area for the social media site of Jenn Whittaker Writing.

I provide services ranging from writing, proofing, or editing projects as simple as resumes to advance topics, such as, preparing private or government grant applications and creating technical documents for business.

If you have a project that you need help with contact me by email to describe your writing needs and let's get started.